10 iPhone Apps All Geekettes Need

There are apps that everybody needs. Apps like ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Flashlight’ are must-haves for any iPhone user. However, we geeky girls need our own special set of iPhone apps, and just in case you don’t know what those are I am here to help!




I can’t count the number of times I use this app on a daily basis, but in my defense that guy on Star-Crossed looks really familiar. We all know that we are on top of our entertainment trivia, but sometimes even the best of us need a little help!

Countdown +


I have yet to meet a geeky girl who doesn’t like to countdown to big events! The best thing about Countdown + is that you can countdown to more than one thing at once.  I currently have a countdown for three different things, fortunately one of those things is Disney World, unfortunately one of those things is not my wedding to Jason Segel.

Joann’s and/or Michael’s


I’m only counting these two as one app because I have found that crafty geekettes typically prefer one or the other. I am not biased towards either and use their respective app’s coupon functions equally! Either way, every crafty girl needs either the Joann’s or Michael’s app because crafting isn’t cheap.

My Fitness Pal


Just because we can watch episodes of Stargate for hours, spend an entire day reading in the same chair, or have more hobbies than one can possibly count doesn’t mean that we don’t all want to stay healthy. At least, we all try to stay healthy, but sometimes you just NEED that Diet Dr Pepper and Snickers bar. The wonderful thing about My Fitness Pal is that you can keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise right on your phone. Seriously, it’s the easiest app I’ve ever used, and knowing how many calories you’ve already consumed will probably help you forgo the midnight trip to the freezer for some Ben and Jerry’s.



How else are you going to geek-out over the latest Doctor Who giff, or drool over a good Loki collage?

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars logo

Even geeky girls need a distraction from all of their hobbies, fandoms, and general geekiness. Well Angry Birds has given us a distraction that doesn’t take us to far from our heart’s true love of geeking out!



I know that a lot of people are anti-Instagram, but is there really any better way to document that awesome Harry Potter themed Mani/Pedi you just got? No! Ignoring all the debates that Instagram is taking away from the art of photography, it is a really fun app that lets you take mildly cool pics so we can convince our friends and family that we actually do have a life.

Local Library App


Mine is the Dallas Public Library and I couldn’t function without it. Most cities have a library app, and they are amazing. You can see when your books are due, what branch that book you want is at, and most importantly you can request they hold a book for you. I will say that these are the features the DPL offers, but I’m guessing that if you live in a big city your library will offer something similar.



What people need to understand is that Pinterest is not a distraction or even a hobby. It is a necessity. There is only one place you can hoard craft ideas, find new recipes, geek out, plan a vacation, and dream about your future. That place is Pinterest, and it is the only thing that keeps most of us sane.

Quiz Up


Until about two months ago I did not know this app existed, but now that I do I am addicted. We geekettes spend a good majority of our time collecting relatively useless facts about our fandoms and other random things. There is no reason why we shouldn’t show off said knowledge by competing with other like-minded people in a quiz off. Quiz up lets you pick your topic and them matches you to a worthy component. When you win a round you feel like the most knowledgeable person in the Universe and it feels awesome!

It’s The Doctor And River Song’s Anniversary!

Today is a glorious day! Not only is it Earth Day (who doesn’t love the Earth), but it is also The Doctor and River Song’s Anniversary! I’m not going to lie, we at the Tipsy Geekette are more excited by the latter than the former. In honor of this momentous occasion we thought we would share with you our favorite Doctor and River moments.

Meeting in the Library


It is tragic to think that the first time The Doctor meets River is right before she dies, but as heartbreaking as Silence in the Library was it will always be remembered as the introduction to our beloved River! She knew The Doctor, she knew Donna, and she had a book full of spoilers. Continuously befuddled and surprised by this mysterious woman, I think we can all agree that River Song is one thing Stephen Moffat got right!

 River shows The Doctor how to REALLY fly the TARDIS


Time of the Angels is stocked full of excellent River Song moments, but none shine as bright as the moment when River kicks The Doctor’s butt at flying the TARDIS. When the TARDIS successfully lands without making its signature sound River informs us that it isn’t supposed to make that noise. “You leave the breaks on,” she scolds!

“Hello Sweetie”


River almost always greets The Doctor with a good, “Hello Sweetie”, but none are quite as memorable as that time she defaced the oldest cliff in the universe because he wouldn’t answer his phone. That’s one way to get his attention, and really, who else is able to get The Doctor’s attention like River?

Flirting in the USA

The Impossible Astronaut TARDIS

The Doctor figures out where the mysterious calls to President Nixon are coming from and informs River that she has the ‘He’s-Hot-When-He’s-Clever’ face. She insists that it is her normal face, the doctor agrees, and she tells him to shut up. We can all spot a good flirting moment, but only the ones like this make us remember why we love The Doctor and River!

The Kiss


There is a whole lot about The Doctor and River’s relationship that I, personally, still don’t understand, but during The Wedding of River Song one thing is for certain: these two were meant to be! The kiss, yes, that kiss, will forever be one of my all time favorite Doctor Who moments.


Squeezing In A Geeky Workout #skinnyfordisney

Unless you are one of those people who lives to workout, then it is probably something that you have to force yourself to do. I enjoy working out, but it never seems to be something that conveniently fits into my schedule. Fortunately, I work for a company that has a gym on-site and they offer a wide variety of classes that I can attend. However, even with this luxury, there are days that I still struggle to fit in a workout.

The crazy thing is that I find myself frequently skipping the gym only to get home and watch TV or movies in bed for several hours before I finally fall asleep. Clearly, if I am able to do this I have the time to go to the gym, but some days I just want to get home. The good news for me and people like me (I’m almost certain I’m not alone) is that there are workouts all over Pinterest that are based around TV Shows and Movies.

I mean, these workouts are basically drinking games but with exercises instead of vodka! Also, you still get to watch whatever you were planning on watching while getting a workout done in the process.  I figured I would share a few of my favorites with you. In the interest of being completely honest with all of you, I haven’t actually done any of these workouts yet, but I plan to start as soon as I get over the cold I picked up this weekend.

Disclaimer: As I previously mentioned, I found these on Pinterest, unfortunately I did not create them myself!

For Sherlockians


For Potterheads


For the Whovians


For Those Who Wish They Looked Like Penny


For The Wannabe Adventurer


For the Disney Princess


Let us know your workout routine, and join in the #skinnyfordisney fun!

Angelina Jolie Talks ‘Maleficent’ In New Featurette

With just over a month left until the premiere of Disney’s Maleficent our excitement increases each time we get new videos or images about the film. Today we received an awesome Featurette, that shows Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, and director Robert Stomberg giving us a taste of how the film will incorporate and differ from Sleeping Beauty.

We also received word that Disney is hosting an “Embrace Your Evil” contest in which fans can submit their best Maleficent laugh for a chance to a trip to the film’s world premiere. You can enter by posting a video of your Maleficent Laugh to Instagram with the #MaleficentLaughSweeps. The fine print can be read here: http://di.sn/MaleficentLaugh

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

We hope you enjoy this dose of Malecficent magic as much as we did!


Review: ‘Dom Hemingway’ Is Something Else

Imagine that a group of guys got together one night to binge watch crime movies while drinking their way through several cases of beer. At some point during this male bonding experience, one of the guys exclaims, “Dudes, we should write a movie.” Another quickly responds, “It would be epic!” And, thus they drag out a laptop and start plucking out what they are sure will be the best, most hilarious crime movie ever made. That movie would be Dom Hemingway.

I did not dislike Dom Hemingway, and found parts of the film to be quite humorous. However, I’m not really sure that I understand the point of the film.

Centered around a safe cracker with a fondness for his own name, the film follows Dom Hemingway as he is released from prison after a twelve year sentence he served for keeping his mouth shut, something that we are reminded of several times. He is accompanied by his friend, Dickie Black, whose involvement in this criminal world is never really explained as they travel to a remote part of the French country-side. It is at the lavish home of ‘the boss’ Mr. Fontaine that Dom will finally receive what he is owed for his silence. As this all takes place within the first twenty or so minutes of the film, it is not so surprising that this adventure does not go smoothly, and Dom finds himself, once again, short on luck.

Image Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

Image Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

The acting was spot on. I can’t say this enough, because even though the story was confounding to me I had no trouble understanding that Dom Hemingway is a morally bankrupt, overly crude, criminal without a cause that has a penchant for monologues and at some point in between cracking safes found the time to swallow a dictionary. Jude Law could not have done a better job bringing this almost farce-like character to life.

As I previously said I didn’t dislike the movie, but I didn’t necessarily like the movie either. The film asks us to accept Hemingway as an anti-hero and feel bad for him, but never gives us a good enough reason as to why we should pity this person who’s choices have caused his own misfortune. The script, while funny, felt as though it was stuck in between taking itself too seriously and making fun of itself. I could have done without half the crude language and situations that were seemingly put in the film for nothing more than shock value. Don’t misunderstand me, I have no problem with harsh language or uncomfortable situations, but I would like them to serve a purpose. From the start, they did not really serve much of a purpose in Dom Hemingway.

Image Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

Image Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

If I had to guess, I would say that plenty of people will find Dom Hemingway awesomely entertaining. The movie was definitely not my cup of tea, but if you are looking for a gritty pseudo-crime film / dark comedy and you are not easily offended then this is the movie for you. Ladies who want to see this movie because you loved Jude Law in The Holiday, Do. Not. Go!

Tipsy Recommendation: Either have several drinks before you go or don’t drink anything but water. The sheer amount of alcohol consumed in the film will make you feel plenty tipsy!


Review: DisneyNature’s Bears is great fun for the whole family.

Image Courtesy of DisneyNature

Image Courtesy of DisneyNature


Michelle and I had the opportunity to screen DisneyNature’s Bears a couple of days ago, and we both loved it. This is not surprising, as it’s now well documented what Disney freaks we are (in fact, we indulged in a little Disney Store shopping spree before heading to the theater).

Just in time for Earth Day, Bears tells the incredible story of Sky, an Alaskan Brown Bear, and her newborn cubs Amber and Scout. From their first days in hibernation, to their harrowing search for food in the wilderness, the first year of life as a family is anything but boring.

Sky and Amber have some mother-daughter bonding time.

Sky and Amber have some mother-daughter bonding time on the mud flats.

This documentary held my attention better than anything I’ve seen on the Discover Channel, and was brilliantly narrated by John C. Reilly (Wreck It RalphStep-brothers). It’s a truly touching tale, and the humanization of Sky and her cubs makes their story feel relatable. There are some suspenseful moments, without doubt, many of them involving a pesky wolf and – gulp! – bigger bears.

Amber and Scout enjoy sibling play time.

Amber and Scout enjoy sibling play time.

This movie makes for a fantastic outing with the kids, nieces and nephews, or a fun girls only day. We highly recommend it!

Tipsy Recommendation: Since I’m nursing cold, a nice mug of hot tea with, what else, honey.

Because All The Men I Like Are Fictional

Since the women who run this blog are all single we spend a lot of time talking about being single and day dreaming about our ideal boyfriends. The problem with this is that most of the men I want to date are completely fictional. Maybe it is because they were created to be perfect or perfectly flawed or maybe it is because I know that crushing on these fictional hotties will never lead to heartbreak, but either way if I could pick my ideal boyfriend he would be picked off of this list!

Charles Bingley

Courtesy Image

Courtesy Image

So we all know Mr. Darcy is the most crushed on fictional character of all time, and truthfully I too have spent my fair share of time searching for my own Mr. Darcy. However, I’ve always had an even bigger crush on his best friend, Charles Bingley. In contrast to Darcy, Bingley is off the bat fun, lovable, and not hindered by pride. Unfortunately, I am no sweet, soft-spoken Jane and a match between myself and Bingley would probably never be in the cards.

Eugene (Flynn Rider) Fitzherbert

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

I 100 percent do not feel ashamed to admit that I might possibly be in love with Rapunzel’s man. He is funny, ironically loyal for a thief, and can really rock some questionable facial hair. If I’m being completely honest it’s not just Flynn that I have a crush on, it’s Flynn and Rapunzel as a couple. These are two of Disney’s spunkiest, most adorable characters ever. This is one couple I would definitely want at my dinner party!

Marshall Eriksen

Image Courtesy of CBS

Image Courtesy of CBS

My crush on Marshall is in thanks to two factors:

  1. He is equal parts hilarious, sensitive, and optimistic.
  2. He is played by Jason Segel

I feel like Marshall and I would just have a lot of fun together.

Ned Nickerson


In case you haven’t heard, my life’s goal is to become Nancy Drew, and every Nancy Drew needs a Ned Nickerson. He is the All-American boy next store that is completely drool worthy. More than that though, he is there for his number one gal and frequently assists her in her cases. On several occasions he even saves his lady’s life. Although, Nancy does her fair share of saving too, and Ned is completely okay with that! What more could a wannabe Nancy Drew ask for?

Michael Moscovitz

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

I spent my entire time as a teenager in love with Michael Moscovitz. I’m not kidding, the first Princess Diaries book was published the year I turned 13. Michael is a geekette’s ultimate boyfriend.  He is smart, handsome, and equally as geeky. Not to mention he plays in a band and built a robot that could potentially save lives. Swoon!

The Beast

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

It might be impossible to find a girl that grew up in the 90′s that didn’t at one point in her life have a crush on Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He was arguably the first flawed Disney prince, and his flaws made him all the more perfect. Sure he was literally a beast, but as he fell in love with the strong-willed Belle his tough exterior faded and the man behind the beast emerged. I’d take Beast over prince charming any day.

Andrew Larkin

Courtesy Image

Courtesy Image

Fans of Judy Garland movies may be familiar with Andrew Larkin who was a main character in The Good Old Summertime (1949), a musical adaptation of the earlier Shop Around the Corner. Andrew, played by Van Johnson, is the lead salesmen at Oberkugen’s music shop where Judy Garland’s character, Veronica Fisher, get a job. Andrew and Veronica immediately clash, but unbeknownst to either of them they are also each other’s secret pen pals. If the plot sounds familiar it is because it was also the inspiration for You’ve Got Mail, but back to Andrew Larkin. Since the first time I saw the movie I had a crush on Andrew. He is tall, secretly romantic, and rather insufferable. A life with him could only be filled with love and frustration, which we women know is necessary.

Captain Killian “Hook” Jones

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I don’t normally have a bad boy complex, but woah! Once Upon A Time‘s Captain Hook is absolutely dream worthy. He is Rough around the edges and a proper smart-ass. I spend every Sunday night getting mad at Emma for not just giving into his charm. Would life with him be easy? NO, but it would be exciting.

Gilbert Blythe

Courtesy Image

Courtesy Image

Anne Shirley is one lucky girl. In a time when women weren’t really treated as a man’s equal, she found the one man who only ever saw her as his equal. Gilbert’s only apparent flaw is his ridiculous name. He is fun-loving, passionate, and loyal. After offending Anne by childishly making fun of her red hair, he goes on to spend the rest of his life proving his love for her. We should all be lucky to find a man like Gilbert.

Ron Weasley

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

I’ve saved my favorite for last. That’s right, I will probably always be a little bit in love with Ron Weasley. Recently, JK Rowling said that she regrets having Hermione and Ron end up together, but as someone who identifies with Hermione I can tell you that she made the right decision. Ron is the perfect match for any Hermione. He is goofy, smart in his own right, brave, and loyal. Sure he had his moments where doubt got the best of him, but in the end he is always there for his friends and family.