July Obsessions: AKA, A few of Tiffany’s favorite things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.  Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite…. oh, wait.  Sorry, I got a little carried away.  I mean, I do love raindrops, but not just on roses and I’m actually allergic to cats, so yeah.. That being said though, I must hand it to Rogers and Hammerstein / Julie Andrews because they really hit the nail on the head with that song.  Aside from medication and vacation I cannot think of a better way to get your spirits up than to think of some of your favorite things in the world.

As Michelle mentioned earlier this week, the Tipsies have been in a bit of a funk for the majority of the past month.  In particular there was one day last week that set me deeper into my Summertime Sadness.  I sat there at my desk with notebook in hand and started making a list of some of the things that I enjoy.  I have compiled a short(ish) list from my longer list for you to peruse:


Dry Shampoo

Y’all.  This stuff is amazing.  I use it all the time: between shampoos, as a styling product, to help revitalize my hair on the rare times I go out after work.  I’ve tried several different brands and I’m thinking about posting a comparison in the future because no two dry-shampoos are the same.

Northwest Cherries  (Photo courtesy of Goodfruit.com)

Northwest Cherries
(Photo courtesy of Goodfruit.com)

Cherries are absolutely my current fruit obsession.  Now that they are at a reasonable price at the market I will buy a bag a week and completely devour them.  I prefer the dark red Northwest Cherries over the Rainier Cherries.  I think they have more flavor and juicy deliciousness.  YUM.

English Muffins  (photo courtesy of ThomasBreads.com)

English Muffins
(photo courtesy of ThomasBreads.com)

I am a self proclaimed foodie and love good bread.  I’m trying to cut down on the amount of  bread I eat and have primarily purchased English muffins as my source of bread.  I fully support the nooks and crannies of the Thomas Brand muffins and believe you should only ever split English muffins with a fork; never, ever slice them open with a knife.



I once heard someone say that people don’t really know what they want in a cup of coffee… they think that they want a dark, rich, robust brew when in reality they prefer something milky and weak.  This cannot be further from the truth for me.  I have been drinking coffee since I was a child, thanks to my grandparents giving my sister and I a little bit of coffee with a lot of milk and sugar.  As I have matured I truly want a good dark roast that I can’t see light through.  Yes, I add milk and sugar most of the time, but there is nothing better in the morning than a strong cup of excellent coffee.

Pasta (photo courtesy of chow.com)

(photo courtesy of chow.com)

If pasta or noodles are in something, I’m going to eat it.  I love pasta. Some people have comfort foods like mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken, or chicken fried steak.  My ultimate comfort food is a giant bowl of pasta with just about any kind of sauce: a hearty bolognese, lemon and olive oil, marinara, alfredo… mmm… pasta.

Wrap Bracelets (Photo courtesy of Stelladot.com)

Wrap Bracelets
(Photo courtesy of Stelladot.com)

I have never really been a jewelry kind of girl, but I am in love with wrap bracelets.  So much so that I am thinking about doing a little DIY project in the near future to seriously increase my wrap bracelet collection.

Fun, floaty skirts and dresses

Fun, float-y skirts and dresses

I am jeans girl.  My current job allows me to wear jeans every day if I felt like it and I did.  After a while though even I got a little tired of wearing jeans everyday.  I started branching out and discovered that I absolutely adore a good float-y dress or skirt.

Seltzer Water (Image Courtesy of Seltzersisters.com)

Seltzer Water (Photo Courtesy of Seltzersisters.com)

It’s delicious.  I like the bubbles of soda but usually not a fan of how sweet they are.  Seltzer water is the perfect solution to this.  It has a clean, crisp taste and I highly recommend it.

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

I love the idea of heels, but I am a major klutz and usually cannot be trusted to walk safely in regular heels.  Kitten heels are my solution.  They make me feel like an adult, but not like a kid dressing up in my mom’s clothes and shoes.

Torchwood: Ianto, Gwen, Captain Jack, Toshiko, and Owen

Torchwood:  Ianto, Gwen, Captain Jack, Toshiko, and Owen

During my Doctor Who withdrawals I watch Torchwood instead of re-watching all of the Doctor Who episodes until the premier of the new series.  Of course it is not the same at all, but it’s a good show and I love Captain Jack.  I mean, who doesn’t?  #CountdownToAugust23

Yep, that about sums it up for me this month.  Stay tuned for August Obsessions in a few weeks (#DoctorWho, #PeterCapaldi)

July In a Nutshell

On July 1st I was still very much riding the Post-Disney vacation wave of magical happiness and looking forward to July 4th being on a Friday.

disney vacation

Nothing could take away my awesome summer glow (aka sunburn). Then the unthinkable happened; my Post-Vacation depression started to set in and I began feeling blue.

sad cat

I tried to find comfort in my parent’s new kitten, Elsa (named by my niece), but even her cuteness sleeping on my face couldn’t combat the…

And I wasn’t alone.  As a result of her Summertime Sadness Katie was rendered incapable of deciding between beverages and took to decorating her cubicle with images of her favorite Marvel Villain!

katie drinks loki

Basically, we have been completely useless for the entire month of July!

But wait! Have no fear!

August is almost here!

We are starting to feel back to our normal selves and boy do we have a lot to say after almost a month of silence!

Have you also been hit with a case of the summertime blues? Let us know that we are not alone by leaving a comment or sending a carrier pigeon!

Review: ‘Sex Tape’ is ummm…well…

Alright. When it comes to Sex Tape I mostly feel two things:

  1. Like I’m having an internal struggle between movie-going Michelle and movie critic Michelle
  2. That if anyone gets goes through my internet history in the next few days they are are going to think I have a problem

While I could easily write about the latter of these two feelings, I am going to just focus on the former. I don’t normally fashion myself a movie critic. True, I write reviews on this blog, but I mostly write them as a movie-goer rather than a critic. I do this because when I personally read reviews I feel like critics find themselves so caught up in the critique that they all-together forget to answer their readers’ main question: Is the movie worth it? That being said, I do have a critical side and in the case of Sex Tape I feel that my inner critic just has to say a few words. So, for my own sake I am going to give you two (don’t worry they’re really short) reviews.


Movie-Going Michelle Says:

Sex Tape was a good summer comedy. I was pleasantly surprised that a movie about a married couple who makes a sex tape to try and rekindle their physical relationship was not a raunchy sex comedy. Yes, there was quite a bit of sex, but I didn’t once feel squeamish or like I was watching something I shouldn’t. While Sex Tape  is definitely not going to make any “greatest films of” list, it is a funny comedy that, in a fun twist, mixes in some elements from the rom-com genre.

Movie Critic Michelle Says:

The story, at times, felt muddled and there were several scenes that could have used a rewrite or two. It is very rare that I leave a movie siting believability as a reason why I had problems with a story, and while I enjoyed this film, I definitely had problems believing several aspects of the film’s plot. Let me put it this way, if Sex Tape had been made with actors lacking the comedic talent that oozes from this film, it would have been awful. You can’t have a cast with Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz,Rob Corddry, and Ellie Kemper without getting at least a few laughs, and you’ll laugh right through all the ridiculous, unrealistic scenarios.

One thing I will say that both Movie-Going Michelle and Movie-Critic Michelle had in common was Rob Lowe’s character. I have not ever done or plane to do peyote, but if I did I imagine that the experience would be comparable to spending time with Hank, the seemingly mellow CEO of a company that wants to buy Annie’s (Cameron Diaz) blog.

rob lowe cameron diaz st

Tipsy Recommendation: Sex Tape is definitely a movie you don’t want to watch with your mother, but if you are looking for a movie night out with friends I would say Sex Tape isn’t a bad option. 

New Trailer Gives Whovians Glimpse of Darker Doctor

During the world cup this weekend, the BBC aired a full length trailer for Doctor Who season 8.  From the looks of the trailer, I seems that Whovians will be treated to more Daleks, the Paternoster Gang, and a Doctor who is questioning who he is and what he has done in his many years as a traveling time lord. Since taking over as Doctor Who’s executive producer and head writer, Steven Moffat has been very interested in exploring the Doctor’s past and what makes him tick, but it looks like season 8 will take viewers to an even darker place in the Doctor’s story. I would be worried about how much more serious Peter Capaldi’s doctor appears in contrast to Matt Smith, but with the always bright and light Clara by his side this may be the perfect time to delve even deeper into the Doctor’s mysterious and dark past.

Of course these are a lot of assumptions to make based on one trailer so be sure to watch for yourself and let us know what you think!


The Best Day of Summer: July 11th

Today, July 11th is the best day of summer.  What is so special about 7/11 you might ask? 7/11 is Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven.  The worst part about today? I forgot that it was 7/11 until I got to work and they are only giving out free slurpees from 11-7… I don’t get off work until 9. Hopefully someone out there had a Slurpee for me today.




For the record, in case you were wondering these are our favorite flavors:

Tiffany: Pina Colada and Cherry (mixed together, thank you very much!)

Katie: Blue… which I’m going to make the assumption that she is referring to Blue Raspberry

Michelle, is MIA at the moment and already enjoying her weekend. Based on where she is though, I’m going to make an executive decision and say that her favorite flavor is Pina Colada as well.  :)

Tell us your favorite Slurpee flavors (or flavor combinations) in the comments below!


Happy Slurpee Day everyone!



Necessary Nostalgia: Boy Meets World

For months now my Facebook news feed has been peppered with news and snippets of the highly anticipated spin-off show, Girl Meets World.  The night it premiered, as many of my twenty-something and a few thirty-something friends posted about sitting down to watch is, I was struck with a sense of nostalgia.  I remembered sitting in the living room practically every Friday night in the 90s to catch the latest episodes of the TGIF line-up.  At the close of Girl Meets World, when the Michael Jacobs Productions logo ran with that oh-so-familiar acoustic guitar solo, I immediately went to the internet to re-watch some of Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric’s greatest shenanigans.  Since then, I’ve recorded some of the re-runs on ABC family and have watched several over the past week and a half.


I think that part of what made Boy Meets World such a great show for such a long time (did you know it ran from 1993-2000?!?) was that it was a fun, wholesome show about the family you are born with as well as the family you choose.  The show is full of real-life problems and scenarios that prove relevant 14-21 years later.


Here are some of my favorite quotes from over the years:

 “Let’s not call it detention. I prefer Hooked on Feeny”- Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny “UNDERPANTS!”- Cory, upon discovering Shawn in his boxers sitting under a blanket with Topanga.


“… Let’s start with roll call.  Lawrence, Topanga” “I’m channeling.  I will only answer to the name, NEOOOOOOOWAAAA (or something like that)”
“…Okay, present, but not all here.”


(That little gem is from one of the very first episodes and definitely one I’ve always remembered!)

 “That’s just what I want – to be Topanga’s boyfriend. And then we can name our children Chewbacca and Plankton.” Cory at age 11 or 12.

Oh Cory, if you only knew...

Oh Cory, if you only knew…

“No, not Eric anymore. My name… is Plays-with-Squirrels.”- Eric

Hermit Eric, aka Plays-with-Squirrels.

Hermit Eric, aka Plays-with-Squirrels.


Need I say more?

Ah, the “Feeny Call”  Who could have watched this show and NOT remembered Eric’s Feeny Call?

“Life’s tough, get a helmet!”- Eric

Gotta love that brotherly advice.

Gotta love that brotherly advice.

“How do you accidentally kiss someone?

 Did she slip on a rug and your lips broke her fall?”- Topanga

“Believe in yourselves. Dream, try to do good. I love you all. Class is dismissed”- Mr Feeny

Ugh, the feels!

Ugh, the feels!

Man, those were some good times.  Girl Meets World has some pretty big shoes to fill, in my opinion, but I think they will do a great job.  I for one, can’t wait to see all of the cameo appearances they have in store for the Boy Meets World cast.

(*All images courtesy of Disney.)

Review: ‘Begin Again’ Has It All

Have you ever experienced a moment when you knew nothing would ever be the same again? That’s what watching Begin Again was like for me…

Image Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Image Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Back in May I stated that Belle may have been the best movie I’d ever seen. Well, apparently 2014 is the year of movies Katie loves because Begin Again has taken the top spot on my list by a very, very wide margin.

I was not at all familiar with John Carney’s brilliant writing or directing before I saw this film. However I can confidently say that I will be a lifelong fan of his, based solely on his achievement with Begin Again. Added to the mix is a stellar production team, including Judd Apatow, and an even more brilliant cast; basically, the recipe for the film I didn’t know I’d been waiting for my entire life.

Image Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Image Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Begin Again tells many stories, primarily those of Great (Keira Knightley) and Dan (Mark Ruffalo). Greta is a songwriter, recently betrayed by her rock star boyfriend Dave (played by Adam Levine, in an impressive film debut). Dan is a washed up record executive hoping Greta will be the savior of his flagging career. Together they embark on the grand adventure of recording a guerrilla album on the streets of New York City.

Image Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Image Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Backing Knightley’s and Ruffalo’s complex and intriguing characters is an impressive supporting cast. As I previously mentioned, Levine impresses as Dave, the newly minted rock star who struggles not to let “the business” consume him. James Corden, a favorite in the UK, plays Steve, a longtime friend of Greta’s who joins her musical journey. Hailee Steinfeld adds to her impressive resume as Violet, Dan’s slightly misunderstood tennaged daughter. Rounding things out are Catherine Keener as Dan’s estranged wife, Mos Def as Dan’s former business partner, and Cee Lo Green as one of Dan’s early success stories.

Image Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Image Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

It would be difficult to put into words how deeply this film affected me on a personal level, which is good because that’s not the point of this review. This film is about so much more than music, though the soundtrack has been on repeat since I downloaded it on my way out of the theater last night. It’s about overcoming obstacles, emotional healing, human nature, the price of fame, and so many other complex emotions and concepts. You might relate to it more if you love music, but it stands on its own just fine. Get yourself to the theater on this wonderful 4th of July weekend to see this amazing film!

Tipsy Recommendation: Whatever you sip on whilst contemplating life.